Offer Finance To Customers

Offer finance to customers
with our sales aid finance

Offer Finance To Customers

Are you looking to offer finance to customers? At Axis Leasing we can help you close a sale with our sales aid finance. We help a lot of big businesses with finance solutions to drive more sales into their business. There’s nothing worse than being at that point where you’re about to close a sale with a potential customer but due to affordability, your buyer has had to walk away. We can offer finance to customers to eliminate that very problem.

Offer finance to customers

Why offer finance to customers?

Growth in customers

When you offer finance to customers, your products become more affordable. This can lead to significant growth in customers.

Instant payment solution

Despite your customer paying in monthly installments, your business will be paid instantly.

Financial support

We will handle the financial side for you, providing you with peace of mind in this area.

Increased up-selling

As we offer finance to customers, your sales team might be able to sell extra products to a customer and increase sales.

Likely higher profit margins

If you can offer finance to customers, they are less likely to knock you down in price which means you are likely to have higher profit margins.

Some of the industries we offer financial solutions for:

Offer finance to customers for laptops

IT / Computing Industry

Laptops, printers, copiers, servers, data centre equipment

Example: you might be an IT supplier, selling laptops or general IT equipment to businesses in large quantities. If you can offer finance to customers, with the support of Axis Leasing, you can close the sale. Therefore with our financial assistance, you can sell more equipment, gain more customers, have access to an increased payment solution, and potentially be more profitable.

Buildings / Facilities

Air conditioning, building management controls, lighting

Example: Your customer might have come to you for the latest LED lighting and controls but due to affordability they may pull out of the sale. With the support of Axis Leasing, you can offer finance to customers and completely open up a new payment solution for your business. In this instance, your business will be paid for the LED lighting solution and your customer will be paying the monthly installments with the financial provider – that is how this works. Hence why we say this leads to an instant payment solution. If you are losing sales because you are unable to offer finance to customers, you should contact Axis Leasing.

Offer finance to customers for lighting
Offer finance to customers for solar panels

Green Energy

Solar, LED lighting, turbines

Example: Your customer is having their office building refurbished with solar panels as part of a green energy project. At the moment you do not offer finance to customers so they need to go away and look for alternative financial solutions. Whilst they’re in the process of looking they find another Solar company who offers finance to customers – so you lose the sale. At Axis Leasing we can offer finance to customers and therefore help you close down sales there and then. Having an instant payment solution like this will help your business to generate the sales you might be losing without our financial options.


Audiovisual, interactive displays, interactive whiteboards

Example: You are a supplier of interactive displays. Your displays serve high street shops, shopping centres, transport interchanges, hotel chains, etc. If you can offer finance to customers there and then, you might be able to complete a quick sale. If you have limited or no financial options available you are likely to lose a sale due to your customer’s affordability. With the support of Axis Leasing, you can offer finance to customers and close down more sales for your business.

Offer finance to customers for displays

Why choose Axis Leasing and offer finance to customers?

With the current economic uncertainties that we have today, it has never been a better time to offer finance to customers. By using Axis Leasing you will likely be able to close more sales and faster as your customers won’t be looking elsewhere for financial support and buy elsewhere in the process of looking for financial support. Axis has been committed to helping businesses find alternative finance routes for over 20 years. Over the years we have built strong relationships with our funders, which has enhanced the financial services that we provide.

We can offer finance to customers, feel free to contact us for more information…

More information on finance options....

Offer finance to customers green energy

What Green Assets Can Be Financed?

Nearly every renewable asset that is used in business, education or health can be leased or funded in some way. As technology is moving faster than ever you may have some equipment or software to fund that is new to us and not on the list below. We thrive on financing new assets so let us know what you need and we will be glad to help.

completing electric vehicle charging finance

Cycle To Work Scheme

Axis Lease Management Ltd set up the first cycle to work scheme over 15 years ago and has funded several million poundsworth of bikes across the UK for many different organisations including, blue-chip companies, Local Authorities, NHS Trusts, Fire & Rescue Services, Police Constabularies, manufacturing, construction and retail outlets.

Why our customers trust us with finance plans...

Offer finance to customers lengths

Over 20 years experience in the finance sector

award logo offer finance to customers

Winners of Inaugural Societe Generale UK Broker Award (April - June 2019)

Authorised member of the Financial Conduct Authority

We have worked with some of the UK's largest institutions

“Bancroft's School have used Axis Leasing since 2009. They have always handled the "middle man" part of the leasing process (between ourselves and the preferred competitive broker) impeccably. We are always kept up to date with the progress of the leasing lifecycle, from initial discussions, through to final sign off after successful installations, and with diligent after care support. The team at Axis is always attentive to our needs, communication is always timely, and they have consistently been a pleasure to deal with. I envisage using Axis for many years to come. ”
Daniel Siggins - IT Manager

If you have any particular requirement or query relating to offering finance to customers then please contact us and we’ll do our best to help.