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Wind Turbine Finance with Axis

wind turbine finance with axis

Axis Leasing offers a variety of options for wind turbine finance. As a result, you can get a system that’s right for you and your business, at a price that works for your budget. Axis has been committed to helping different businesses find alternative finance routes for over 20 years. Over the years we have built strong relationships with our funders, therefore enhancing the financial services that we provide. We offer a variety of payment plans, so you can pay in instalments and get the best technology available.

Why use wind turbines?

Wind turbines are a great way to generate clean energy. They’re also very cost-effective and can provide a source of income for farmers and business owners alike.

Wind turbines have been used for centuries to power mills, but they’ve only recently become popular as a way to generate electricity. If you’re thinking about purchasing one for your farm or business, here’s what you need to know:

Who can benefit from wind turbine finance?

We offer a wide range of green financing plans designed to meet different customer needs. Here are areas we can support for wind turbine finance:

farm wind turbine finance


If you have a big plot of unused land on your farm you could benefit from having Windmills and Wind Turbines. Firstly, if you didn’t know the smaller wind turbines are often referred to as Windmills or Wind Turbines. For example, Windmills can be small enough to generate 5kW, which is enough to generate electricity for 4 homes. Or 5kW can be enough to power small businesses or certain areas of a larger business. If you were looking to rent out an area of your land you could install wind turbines. You could maybe share the energy you generate, between your farm and the businesses that rent one of your premises. Just a few ideas to think about. At Axis, we finance wind turbines which frees up farmers from paying upfront build and installation costs.

Wind Turbine Finance For Farms

If you’re looking to invest in renewable energy for your farm, you should consider all financial options. With Axis, you can avoid a big up-front cost and spread the costs over years. As a result, your farm can reap the benefits of energy-saving immediately. For more information on wind turbine finance, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Axis Leasing.

wind turbine finance rural areas
wind turbine finance factories


With the rise in energy costs, factories are looking for new ways to cut back or generate more income. For a lot of businesses, looking into renewable energy seems either too complicated or too expensive (when paying upfront). There are many green energy suppliers in the UK providing renewable solutions to different areas of the UK. Some of these green suppliers come to your premises and assess whether you will benefit from having a wind turbine. Of course, if you’re in certain areas of Scotland and using a variable-speed wind turbine, you could be laughing. In the right conditions, this type of wind turbine can generate more energy. In the event that you’re unsure about your weather conditions, don’t worry, a lot of installers do a pre-assessment first.

Wind Turbine Finance For Factories

If your business is looking to invest in renewable energy, consider all financial options. By spreading the costs over years as opposed to a big upfront cost, you can reap the benefits of energy-saving immediately. For more information on wind turbine finance, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Axis Leasing.

wind turbine finance urban areas
wind turbine finance other businesses

Other Industries Benefiting From Wind Turbine Finance

If you own a tourist attraction including theatres, holiday parks, sports stadiums, etc, you could also be looking into windmills. Windmills and wind turbines stand out which look great for people visiting your attraction. When you consider adding Wind turbines as a form of energy generation and supply, you benefit from raising your green energy profile and also reducing your energy bill.

Key financial takeaways from Wind Turbine Finance


On the same day we receive all your information, we can provide you with a contract.


Wind turbines can be upgraded on leases without necessarily increasing the rental payments.

Flexible Wind Turbine Finance

For the times when you settle your plan early, should your business plans change.


A finance loan can save your company from having to use its capital.

Simple Budgeting

Our finance plans allow you to budget for future expansion.

Tax Efficiency

Payments are allowable against profits to increase tax efficiency, which reduces the net cost of renting the solar panels.

For more information on wind turbine finance:

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