What assets
can be financed?

What assets can be financed?

Nearly every asset that is used in business, education or health can be leased or funded in some way. As technology is moving faster than ever you may have some equipment or software to fund that is new to us and not on the list below. We thrive on financing new assets so let us know what you need and we will be glad to help.

Technology Finance

- Hardware and Softare
- Software as a stand alone package
- Annual Support and Maintenence
- Licenses
- Telecoms
- Scientific Equipment
- Media Cameras
- Interactive Screens
- CCTV & Security Systems
- Digital Signage

Business Equipment and Interiors

- Furniture
- EPOS Systems
- Air Conditioning
- Vending Machines
- Kiosks
- Commercial Laundry & Cleaning Equipment
- Catering & Refrigeration Equipment
- Fitness & Gym Equipment

Other Things we Finance….

- Company Cars
- Minibuses
- Garage & MOT Diagnostic Equipment
- Modular Constructions
- Musical Equipment and Instruments
- Engineering
- Machinery


- LED Lighting
- Solar Panels
- E-Bikes and Cargo Bikes
- Electric Vehicles and Charging points
- and more ...

Need finance for an asset missing from the list above?
  Lets have a chat…

If you have any particular requirement or query then please contact us and we’ll do our best to help.