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Interactive Whiteboard Leasing with Axis

Axis Leasing is a leading provider of interactive whiteboard leasing. This includes interactive whiteboards for education. Whiteboards provide multi-touch interaction allowing you to write, draw, erase and collaborate easily. Ideal for the classroom, boardroom, or training facility, interactive whiteboard leasing allows you to use the latest technology to your advantage. At Axis Leasing we have various financial plans available, contact us so we can assess your needs and provide you with the most cost-effective plan for your business.

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Reasons for businesses to lease interactive whiteboards

Interactive Whiteboard Leasing for Schools, Colleges & Universities

For schools, colleges and universities that are not already using the latest technology, interactive whiteboards can be a powerful instructional tool.

Using a projector and pen or finger, you can interact with the images on the screen by dragging them, clicking on them, or copying them into another document.

You can also write notes on the board with your finger or a pen tool and then instantly convert your hand-written notes into text. This can all be done in just minutes!

Reasons to lease interactive whiteboards in schools
Presenting curriculum content to a full classroom or displaying any type of media such as websites, images, text, music and video.
Reasons to lease interactive whiteboards in schools
Highlight specific information as you present, while adding keynotes and annotations.
Reasons to lease interactive whiteboards in schools
Saving the interactive material that was written on the board for future use: electronic sharing, printing on paper.
Reasons to lease interactive whiteboards in schools
Leasing interactive whiteboards allow you to find out whether all teachers like the technology or whether some subject departments don’t find it useful to teach their subject.
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Financial Benefits Of Interactive Whiteboard Leasing

Easier Budgeting

Our Interactive Whiteboard Leasing plans allow you to budget for future expansion.


A finance loan can save your business from having to use its capital.

Tax Efficiency

Payments are allowable against profits to increase tax efficiency and thereby reduce the net cost of renting the equipment.


On the same day we receive your details, our team can provide you with a contract.


You might look to settle your plan early if your business plans change.


Equipment can be upgraded on the lease without necessarily increasing the rental payments.

For more information on Interactive Whiteboard Leasing:

More information on finance options...

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Asset Leasing

Leasing has been around for a very long time and is a sensible way to acquire new assets. By spreading the cost of an invoice over a term ranging from 1 to 5 years, you are also spreading the VAT, reducing your tax bill, and protecting cash flow.

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Alternative Finance Solutions

Getting the right type of finance is essential if your business is growing. We offer a range of flexible solutions to meet differing needs and will go the extra mile to ensure a smooth underwriting and administration process.

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What Assets Can Be Financed?

Virtually any asset used in the operation of your business, from ICT to vehicles. The list below is not exclusive and if what you’re looking to fund isn’t listed don’t hesitate to call us and we will be happy to look into it for you.

Aside from Interactive Whiteboard Leasing, we have helped other customers...

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Over 20 years experience in the finance sector

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Winners of Inaugural Societe Generale UK Broker Award (April - June 2019)

Authorised member of the Financial Conduct Authority

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We have worked with some of the UK's largest institutions

“Bancroft's School have used Axis Leasing since 2009. They have always handled the "middle man" part of the leasing process (between ourselves and the preferred competitive broker) impeccably. We are always kept up to date with the progress of the leasing lifecycle, from initial discussions, through to final sign off after successful installations, and with diligent after care support. The team at Axis is always attentive to our needs, communication is always timely, and they have consistently been a pleasure to deal with. I envisage using Axis for many years to come. ”
Daniel Siggins - IT Manager

If you have any particular requirement or query relating to Interactive Whiteboard Leasing then please contact us and we’ll do our best to help.