Laptops For Students

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The Benefits of a Parental Rental Scheme

In the UK parents invest millions per year in technologies for the household. Most families have a computer and internet access, so why rent or buy school sponsored equipment?

Our Laptops for Students programme can be the solution for many schools who struggle to afford new equipment. It has the benefit of bridging the home school divide, in which the students’ use of computers at home is monitored and valuable out of school hours learning opportunities are not lost. We can suit the programme to a wide variety of Laptops, Chromebooks, and Tablets

The essence of the scheme is to make available an option whereby parents contribute to the cost of the acquisition, benefiting from the economies of scale or bulk purchase and education based pricing.

The main benefits to the school include the following:

  • It can be cost neutral.
  • There is no administrative burden on the school as we manage the parental collections.
  • Socio-economic issues can be factored in.
  • Full access to the online Portal allowing the schools manager to monitor collections.
  • Easy to arrange.

Assistance is available to help you to introduce it to the Parents/Carers.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss this in more detail

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