What green assets
can be financed?

Nearly every renewable asset that is used in business, education or health can be leased
or funded in some way. As technology is moving faster than ever you may
have some equipment or software to fund that is new to us and not on the list
below. We thrive on financing new assets so let us know what you need and
we will be glad to help.

More on renewable finance....

Green Finance

As a specialist technology broker we are agile enough to adapt to changing assets and markets. Renewable energy is the way forward and we have a range of financial products that can help you transform the way in which you operate and migrate away from fossil fuels to clean energy.

Cycle To Work Scheme

Axis Lease Management Ltd set up the first cycle to work scheme over 15 years ago and has funded several million poundsworth of bikes across the UK for many different organisations including, blue-chip companies, Local Authorities, NHS Trusts, Fire & Rescue Services, Police Constabularies, manufacturing, construction and retail outlets.

Need finance for a renewable
asset not on our list?
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