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There are many businesses selling products with finance using our services. We have been committed to helping businesses find alternative finance routes for over 20 years. Over the years we have built strong relationships with our funders. As a result, we have enhanced the financial services that we provide. We appreciate the frustration of selling expensive products without being in a position to offer finance to your customers. Our purpose is to help businesses sell products with finance so that they can close sales. We work with a variety of different businesses, therefore don’t hesitate to contact us and enquire about our services. If you are looking to sell your products with finance, we will support you.

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What are the benefits of selling products with finance?

Your customers pay in instalments, you are paid instantly

Although your customers are paying in monthly instalments, your business is paid instantly.

Financial support

Our financial support and knowledge of this area will be a big advantage for your business. We often find that relatively new businesses benefit most from our time spent in finance.

Improved up-selling

Selling products with the option of finance will undoubtedly bring confidence to your sales team. Since this often eliminates the affordability problem, you are likely to notice an increase in up-selling. We have noticed that the smaller additional products or services, that complement the main product being sold, get often dismissed due to affordability. Therefore, if you are selling products with finance, also consider the increased opportunities for upselling.

Maintain profit margins

With finance, our clients have noticed they are less likely to be haggled down on the prices of their products. If your prices stay as they are advertised, you will maintain profit margins and as a result, be more profitable.

Opportunities to increase sales

Our experience tells us that having the option of finance creates more opportunities. For those customers who are unable to buy your product at that moment, this often is a game changer. Not every customer has easy access to cash, therefore by offering finance you can help them. For this reason, selling products with finance can create opportunities to increase sales.

What type of businesses thrive selling products with finance?

selling products with finance computer market

IT & Computing

Computers, servers, printers

For instance, an IT company that sells equipment for businesses and data centres. A lot of businesses prefer to buy computer equipment in bulk to then roll out new technology for each department. With the ability to sell your products with finance you can close these larger sales. All in all, an IT company selling products with finance, may see increased sales, improved up-selling and better profit margins.

Buildings & Facilities

Lighting, A/C & Other Building Management Systems

For instance, an LED lighting and controls business supplying fit-outs and re-furnishments. In this situation, customers are often buying LED lighting in bulk for office blocks and factories. Using your capital to pay upfront can be seen as costly. With LED lighting and other green energy projects, people are reluctant to spend upfront to reap the rewards later. The ROI for LED lighting (as an energy-saving project) may take time. If your customers are using finance rather than their own capital, the large upfront outlay disappears. As a result, the financial benefits of energy saving are noticed a lot sooner. Furthermore, the previous benefits of upselling and maintaining profit margins apply to this example. If you feel like your business is losing sales without the ability to sell products with finance, contact us today.

lighting selling products with finance
solar company selling products with finance

Renewable Energy

Solar, Windmills & Turbines

For instance, you supply solar panels to different businesses including farmers. But the farmer isn’t able to accurately forecast production and sales. Therefore, as a result, the farmer is reluctant to outlay capital for a field of solar panels. If you can offer finance, you have the opportunity to remove the customers hesitations. In this situation, financing a solar energy project might help your customer to justify the investment. To point out you might also be able to maintain profit margins and up-sell solar panel accessories by providing finance options.

Technology Companies

AV, Interactive Displays & Whiteboards

For instance, you supply interactive displays. These interactive displays are fitted out in shopping centres, hotel chains or across transport interchanges. Often your customers look to buy in bulk but without being able to sell products with finance, you lose sales. At this point, having the ability to sell products with finance could be key. Our support can help you achieve sales opportunities that you might not have had before. We can help your company benefit from selling products with finance.

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Selling Products With Finance Summary

selling products with finance options

Selling Products With Finance

In this current economic climate, people could be reluctant to spend or reluctant to save. Businesses that are struggling may be hesitant about spending their hard-earned capital. Or in contrast, you may have a thriving business but your concern is related to price increases/inflation. Having a finance option might allow you to buy the product early before any price increases. Or take the case of a supply shortage and the need of accessing new products without capital.

Choose Axis Leasing for selling products with finance

All things considered, your clients might gain from having a finance option. Our services help you remove your customer’s affordability barriers. Your sales team might be appreciative of having a new sales tool and your business could maintain healthy profit margins. We have been committed to helping businesses find alternative finance routes for over 20 years. Our experience has taught us that our clients gain more business when selling products with finance. Don’t let your customers look elsewhere, convert them on the spot before they leave due to affordability.

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