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Electric Vehicle Charging Finance with Axis Leasing

Axis Leasing works with a wide range of businesses to make the world a “greener” place. That’s why we’ve been working hard to gear up our financial solutions for the renewable energy market. Electric vehicle charging finance integrates an environmentally friendly solution into your business without breaking the bank. There are different plans available at Axis Leasing, each tailor-made, to individual business needs. We have been serving businesses with financial solutions for over 20 years and we consider ourselves the perfect place to provide electric vehicle charging finance.

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Go green by 2030!

As we all know, the UK government is keen to convert the transport markets from petrol and diesel over to electric. By 2030 new petrol and diesel cars will be phased out with the transition over to a much greener solution. Electric vehicles require a facility to charge a battery, which therefore presents an opportunity for growth within the charging network to cope with demand. Some households will struggle to accommodate a charging point at their residence and therefore it will be necessary to charge their commuting vehicle at their place of work. 

Why use Axis Leasing for Electric Vehicle Charging Finance?

At Axis Leasing we can provide electric vehicle charging finance packages that enable businesses to support their staff in the new electric transportation era. Businesses no longer need to dig into their capital to support the growth of the electric vehicle charging network, our funding options finance the installation so that businesses can use their capital to grow and develop their core business.

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Slow chargers

Typically rated 3kW

These chargers can be rated at speeds of up to 6kW

This type of charger is used for overnight charging or at the workplace.

Slow chargers generally take 8-12 hours to charge a vehicle.

At the moment, slow chargers are the second most popular chargers in the UK.

Fast chargers

Typically rated between 7kW and 22kW

This type of charger is normally used for most public chargers such as car parks or supermarkets.

Fast chargers generally take 6-8 hours to charge a vehicle, although the 22kW versions can take 3-4 hours.

These chargers are associated with Tesla cars.

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Rapid chargers

Typically rated from 43kW

Rapid chargers generally take 30 to 60 minutes to charge. 

These chargers are most commonly found at roadside or motorway service stations.

(There are also even faster chargers coming to the UK market, labeled as “ultra-rapid”, these are typically rated more than 100kW and get cars up to 80% in 20 minutes.)

Who can benefit from electric vehicle charging finance?


Businesses that use company cars, may wish to go electric and put charging points on their premises.

Office Complexes

Large commercial office complexes might require electric charging points for vehicles they drive to work.

Commercial Fleet

Businesses with an electric commercial fleet, like logistics companies, will need electric car charging stations to serve their vehicles.


Companies that use self-employed resources, such as taxi firms would benefit from offering charging points for electric vehicles.

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Financial Benefits


You might look to settle your plan early if your business plans change.


On the same day we receive your details, our team can provide you with a contract.


A finance loan can save your business from having to use its capital.

Easier Budgeting

Our electric vehicle charging finance plans allow you to budget for future expansion.

Feel free to contact us for more information…

More information on finance options....

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What Green Assets Can Be Financed?

Nearly every renewable asset that is used in business, education or health can be leased or funded in some way. As technology is moving faster than ever you may have some equipment or software to fund that is new to us and not on the list below. We thrive on financing new assets so let us know what you need and we will be glad to help.

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Cycle To Work Scheme

Axis Lease Management Ltd set up the first cycle to work scheme over 15 years ago and has funded several million poundsworth of bikes across the UK for many different organisations including, blue-chip companies, Local Authorities, NHS Trusts, Fire & Rescue Services, Police Constabularies, manufacturing, construction and retail outlets.

Why our customers trust us with funding for plans like electric vehicle charging finance...

Over 20 years experience in the finance sector

Winners of Inaugural Societe Generale UK Broker Award (April - June 2019)

Authorised member of the Financial Conduct Authority

We have worked with some of the UK's largest institutions

“Bancroft's School have used Axis Leasing since 2009. They have always handled the "middle man" part of the leasing process (between ourselves and the preferred competitive broker) impeccably. We are always kept up to date with the progress of the leasing lifecycle, from initial discussions, through to final sign off after successful installations, and with diligent after care support. The team at Axis is always attentive to our needs, communication is always timely, and they have consistently been a pleasure to deal with. I envisage using Axis for many years to come. ”
Daniel Siggins - IT Manager

If you have any particular requirement or query relating to electric vehicle charging finance then please contact us and we’ll do our best to help.